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About Mar Omega UNLIMITED

       Mar Omega UNLIMITED specializes in a wide array of entertainment art and design from filmmaking to painting. Our shop is equipped for industrial fabrication including carpentry, mold making, sculpture, resin casting, chainmail armor, leather goods, props and much more. We have cutting-edge special effects programs and our studio is equipped with green and blue chroma screens for compositing. Please refer to our Services Page to see how Mar Omega UNLIMITED can suit your needs.

For licensing of any artwork on this website, contact Artwork within is not allowed to be used in any publication, physical or digital, without express permission by Mar Omega. If you wish to license artwork, please note that licensing fees begin at $2000 per image, per web page, per year. Fees for physical reproduction begin at $10,000 per image, plus $1 per copy, plus a 10% royalty with limited print runs to be discussed at time of creation. Please note, if you are found using images from without a licensing contract, you agree to pay a fee of $200,000 to recoup damages and lost revenue.

Team Profiles

Mar Omega
Master artist / designer (and much more) with advanced experience in a wide variety of industries. The skill-set he has acquired over the years has prompted the need for multiple resumes.

Kyra Omega
Artist / designer / entertainer. She devises many of the concepts for the company and clients. She is an innovative creative genius with detailed fine art skills.